Impressive Trading and Contracting Co. WLL, Doha, Qatar- Hire Excavators, Dump Trucks, Bulldozer , Mobile Crane, Compactor, Wheel Loader, JCB, Graders, Bob Cat, Flat Bed Trailer, Tower Light, Water Tanker, Forklift, Boom Truck, Transport Bus

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Impressive Trading and Contracting Co. rents out earthmoving and lifting equipments. Some of equipments list available for rent:
1. Excavators
        a. Excavators CAT 385
        b. Excavators CAT 375
        c. Excavators CAT 365
        d. Excavators CAT 350
        e. Excavators CAT 345
        f. Excavators CAT 330
        g. Excavators Cat 320
        h. Excavators Komatsu PC 600
        i. Excavators Komatsu PC 400
        j. Excavators Komatsu PC 300
2. Mobile Crane
        a. Mobile Crane 20 Ton
        b. Mobile Crane 25 Ton
        c. Mobile Crane 30 Ton
         d. Mobile Crane 50 Ton
        e. Mobile Crane 100 Ton
        f. Mobile Crane 120 Ton
        g. Mobile Crane 140Ton
        h. Mobile Crane 200 Ton
3. Bulldozer
        a. Bulldozer D 6 R
        b. Bulldozer D8
4. Dump Trucks
5. JCB
6. Tower Lights

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